May 25, 2024

The Science of Shoo!TAG™

All things are composed of atoms that are mostly electrons and protons. In between the electrons and protons and in between the atoms is mostly empty space, filled with magnetic static, quantum and gravitational fields. The science of voltammetry tells us of the electrical principles of all biological entities. Our research has shown that subtle inductance/capacitance fields (magnetic and static) can have dramatic effects on biology.

The only true measurement in electricity is the voltage and amperage, everything else is a mathematical variation of the two. These calculations are referred to as virtual or mathematical measures. Variations in flow of amperage and voltage give us a way to measure capacitance, inductance and frequency. These measurements reflect the static and magnetic effects of bio-electricity.

Shoo!TAG™ represents a paradigm shift in the pest management industry. Shoo!TAG™ utilizes an understanding of Nature’s energetic principles with combination with physics, quantum physics and advanced computer software technology. The key to Shoo!TAG™ is the three dimensional electromagnetic static field embedded in the magnetic strip.

Introducing theShoo!TAG™ into the body’s electrical field produces an expanding barrier effect, keeping away the targeted pests. Shoo!TAG™ is leading the way in managing pests while being safe for pets, people and the Planet.