June 21, 2024

Shoo!TAG™ F.A.Q.s

Frequently Asked Questions


Is there any danger associated with the use of Shoo!TAG™ products? Are there any negative side effects?

No. Shoo!TAG™ products contain no harmful, toxic chemicals and do not interfere with other treatment modalities. They have no ill effects or side effects of any kind.

Can I use Shoo!TAG™ on any animal or pet? Do they have to be worn every day?

We have animal, pet and people products available. They are pest specific (for example, tick tags won’t keep away fleas) as well as species specific (for example, dog tags would not work for cats). Each tag is for all weights and sizes and is safe for pregnant or lactating animals. The tags will start working in a few days but may take longer depending on the health of the individual. Pet and animal tags must be worn at all times to maintain effectiveness.

Do you have protection from lice and mosquitos for dogs or ticks for horses?

We understand there is a need for more protection and weare developing more products. Watch our website for new product launches.

Why are there two tags in my package?

For pets, one tag is to keep away fleas and one tag is to keep away ticks. For horses, one tag is for flies and one tag is for mosquito. In the Outdoor Pack, there are tags for mosquito, tick and chigger. The tags in your package can be worn at the same time or individually. They work faster and better if near or against the body.

How do I attach the pet tags?

The two tags in each pet and animal package attach to the collar or harness with a ring that is included in the package. They work best when the magnetic strips face the pet/animal most of the time.

The important things to remember when attaching the tags are:

– make sure the magnetic strips are fully exposed and are protected from being scratched prematurely
– the tags are not in a position to get bent This will allow for the maximum life expectancy of the tag.

There are a variety of ways to attach the tags to your animal. For the dogs and cats, the best thing to do is cut one of the tags on the dotted line so that both magnetic strips are exposed (they have 2 holes for this purpose). If you cut the pet tag on the dotted line, throw away the upper portion with the silver sticker and hang the portion with the magnetic strip toward the pet. Place the shorter one under the longer one and attach to the pet’s collar. This also stabilizes the tags to help keep the magnetic strips facing the correct way.

Scratches on the magnetic strips will wear the tags prematurely and they will stop working. For active pets that would have trouble keeping the tags from being scratched and bent, the tags can be attached inside the collar with duct tape. Make sure the magnetic strips are completely exposed and not covered by the tape.

If you have a small dog, cut them both small and place one on top of the other. We would recommend that you place the biggest problem insect tag closest to the animal. Horse tags can be braided into the mane or very top of the tail with the bands provided in their package. Another way is to anchor the tag by putting another hole on the opposite end. You can then use an alligator clip, twist tie, cable tie, or beaded security tie to attach them to the bridle or, braid the tag into the mane with both holes. Just be sure that you are placing the hole away from the magnetic strip. If you are using two tags place them far enough apart on the animals so that the magnetic strips don’t touch.

How do I attach the horse tags?

The best way to attach the tags is to individually braid each tag into the underside of the mane behind the bridle path with the magnetic strip facing the animal . Some of the tags have only one hole punched in them. If that is the case with yours, simply use a regular hole punch to put another hole on the opposite end of your tag. Be sure to place the hole away from the magnetic strip.

If you prefer, you can use them on a halter or bridle or halter, using the ring included in the package to attach the tags, with the magnetic strips facing the animal’s body up by the cheek portion of the halter. This helps to keep the tags from being bent. Do no attach them to the rings used to lead the horse, as they will not offer maximum effectiveness. The closer to the body you attach the tags, the less chance of the tags getting bent. For those horses with sparse or roached manes, you may attach them AT THE TOP of the tail because tail swishing can still raise welts on horse or rider if the tags are at the bottom of the tail.

A bent tag or a scratched magnetic strip will take away from the effectiveness of your tag. Please remember to maintain your tags by:

  • Keeping the tags on the animal in a way that prevents them from being bent (bridle users should attach the tag up high near the cheek).
  • Keep the magnetic strip clean by occasionally wiping the tags with a damp, soft cloth

How do I keep the magnetic strips clean?

Periodically clean the tag with a clean soft, damp cloth to remove dirt, sweat and body oils that accumulate and lessen the effectiveness of the tag.

Will exposure to household magnets cause the frequencies to be removed from the magnetic strip?

While it is important to keep the tags away from strong magnets that will erase them, the slight magnetic field of a scissors or other household magnets will not cause damage. However, the demagnetizers used at checkout counters in large retail stores will erase the cards.

I purchased a double pack so that I would have two applications. How do I store the extra set of tags?

Keep your tags in their mylar bag in a drawer or cabinet until you are ready to use them. The shelf life of inactivated tags is 2 years.

Does Shoo!TAG™ use radio frequency to transmit the barrier field?

No. The frequencies that are embedded in the magnetic strip are earth energies similar to the Schumann Wave and not harmful radio frequencies. In terms of effect, we are only using the energy field that is already emitted from an animal and adding a few frequencies that we know that specific insects do not like. We are not taking any energy from the animal, just using what is already there. There is no ill effect to the health of the animal or the planet. Shoo!TAG™ products will not interfere with radio frequencies or radio collars.

Will Shoo!TAG™ interfere with any other treatment modality or the microchip my dog has implanted?

Because we are using earth energies, there is no danger of harm to the animal. Neither will these frequencies interfere with any other treatment modality, electrical device or microchips.

Can my Shoo!TAG™ products get wet?

Yes! Shoo!TAG™ products are waterproof (including saltwater). Remember to clean them periodically with a soft, damp cloth to remove accumulated sweat and body oils that can lessen the effectiveness of the tags.

Why does it take 24-36 hours to activate the tags? Can it take longer?

Even with a healthy animal, it takes time for the energy field to extend the pest barrier frequencies into the animal’s entire energy field. We know through our focus groups and preliminary trials that this can take up to 36 hours. Please keep in mind that if an animal has recently had a surgery, vaccinations, steroid medication, or you have been using heavy poison products on them it will take longer for your animal to detox and strengthen its energy field. It is important to note that, because the tags work with your pet’s energy field, it is important that they are as healthy as possible. We have found that animals that are on or have recently taken steroid drugs, that have recently had surgery, or are old do not respond well to our products.

How does Shoo!TAG™ work?

Using a proprietary process, Shoo!TAG™ assists the wearer by adding to its external bio-energetic field with specific frequencies proven to disturb targeted pests and create a barrier. For more information please visit our science page.

Does Shoo!TAG™ work well in high infestation areas?

High infestation areas are always going to require a multi-faceted approach. It is important to remember that our products are a natural approach and natural approaches take longer to work than conventional poisons. Be sure you start with a freshly washed pet and vacuum your indoor areas frequently. Use natural products in your yard to reduce pests there as well. Remember that if your pet’s energy field has been weakened by poisons, medicines or surgeries, it will take longer for the tags to begin creating the pest barrier.

How do I know that the Shoo!TAG™ is working?

Many pet owners report their pets are more relaxed and have fewer flea-induced allergy problems; many have reported being able to stop steroid treatments. Being an all natural product, Shoo!TAG™ products work gradually over time, unlike chemical alternatives which are a quick, but toxic, fix to the problem. Pet owners have observed a gradual diminishing of fleas/ticks over time; weakened pests which come to the surface and either fall off or can be picked off.

If you are unsure whether it is working, check to make sure you are using the tags correctly:

* Did you attach the correct tag? (One is for fleas and one is for ticks; you can use both at the same time.) * Are the magnetic strips facing the dogs most of the time?
* Have the strips been damaged with dents or scratches? (If so, the encoding may have been damaged.) Be sure any metal tags, such as rabies or ID tags, are placed ON TOP of our tags to prevent premature wearing of the magnetic strip.

If you are sure your tags are being used correctly and you think they may not be working, you can try an “experiment”:  Take the tags off one dog for 2 days and see if you have an increase in flea population on that pet.

If you do have an increase, then you have a heavy infestation and will need to use additional protection in your home in order to keep the population down. Our products do not actually kill the pests and therefore, it offers no home protection from fleas or ticks. An alternative to the use of topical chemicals would be a multi-faceted approach which would include treating the yard, frequent vacuuming of the house and installation of flea traps to eliminate any fleas which are brought into the house and fall off the animals. There are many green products that will help reduce the infestation and work well with the tags.

If there is no increase in the fleas, then your tags may have been de-magnetized in some way. You will need to send us back ALL the tags from the package to see if they are still encoded correctly. Include the original sales receipt and the original UPC code from the packaging in case the tags were not de-magnetized and we need to refund your money (For more information please visit our Warranty page.). Be sure to include all your contact information including telephone number. Please know that we stand by our guarantee and we are happy to refund your money (excluding shipping and/or sales taxes) for purchase.

The tags have been on for 3 days, why am I still seeing live pests on my pets

First off, our product does not kill the pests – the frequencies embedded in the tag slow them down and confuse them, making them leave the area of your pet’s energy field. Did you see any fleas or ticks at all before the tags? Has the number been reduced? If you used poisons, the pests bit and died, so you might not have seen them much before. Remember that the frequencies will slow down the fleas so you may see some now where you didn’t before. Also, has your pet’s energy field been reduced or compromised recently from poisons, steroid medications, vaccines or surgery? Is your pet aging? Weaker energy fields of pets who are reaching the end of their life cycle may not be good candidates for our product. Do you have metal tags attached that rub together and create a frequency that negates the frequency of our tag? Try taking the metal tags off your pet collar and see if that makes a difference.

Are Shoo!TAG™ products 100% effective?

Because Shoo!TAG™ products contain no harmful or toxic chemicals it is not appropriate to expect 100% efficacy, especially if living in areas with bad flea infestations and no other pest management systems are being used. Shoo!TAG™ products are not magic. If chemical spot-on drops are not working for your pet, you cannot expect 100% efficacy from Shoo!TAG™ products.

How long do the tags last?

Once the tag is introduced to the animal’s energy field, the tag will remain effective for up to 4 months. The tags can be stored for up to 2 years.

Why don’t the tags last longer?

We would naturally love for your tags to last a lifetime! The reason the tags have a limited life is due to the wear and tear on the magnetic strip. Just as a credit card will fail before the expiration date due to a lot of use, the magnetic strips on our tags will naturally wear and tear from an animal’s daily activity. Our research shows that to be approximately 4 months.

Can I recharge or recycle my tags?

As a “green” company, we are very concerned about our environment. Our tags are made with recycled, bio-degradable materials and we use soy-based inks. Spent tags that are not damaged can be returned with a donation and they will be re-encoded and donated to animal rescue organizations; damaged tags will be recycled.

Do your products protect the home and yard from the fleas and ticks?

Our products do not actually kill the pests and therefore, it offers no home protection from fleas or ticks. An alternative to the topical chemicals would be a multi-faceted approach which would include treating the yard, frequent vacuuming of the house and installation of flea traps to eliminate any fleas which are brought into the house and fall off the animals. There are many green products that will help reduce the infestation and work well with the tags.

My mosquito tag works perfectly, but my dog’s tag is not working. What is wrong?

We know that there are a variety of reasons why our technology is not perfect for everyone who tries them. For instance, animals that have been recently vaccinated, have had a recent surgery or are on allergy medications need time for their energy field to recover before the tags will show positive results. There could also be a frequency around your area that interferes with the frequencies encoded in our tags. Remember that we are subject to fault lines, cell phone towers and large doses of pesticides to name a few possible challenges. We had a dog with metal tags that rubbed together and , once removed, the Shoo!TAGs worked without frequency interference. Also, as a rule, not every product is 100% effective 100% of the time; green products especially, which typically have around a 75% effective rate.

I want to take advantage of the manufacturer’s warranty. How do I do that?

Follow the instructions on our website, located at http://www.shootag.com/guarantee We guarantee a full refund of ONE package PER FAMILY with proper proof of purchase (UPC from original packaging).